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In our increasingly complex world, there are many challenges which feel overwhelming or very difficult to manage. This can lead to upsetting thoughts and uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, sadness or frustration and anger. It can often feel as though you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving and interacting with others, and find it increasingly hard to know how to break free from these and begin to engage in a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

At Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center, we believe that psychotherapy helps you to understand your thoughts and feelings, become better at coping with difficult situations and everyday stressors, change your behavior where needed, and achieve your personal goals. It also helps increase your self-awareness, enhance your communication, and identify and overcome obstacles that are interfering with your emotional and mental health and happiness.

Working with Children and Adolescents

If your child is struggling with aspects of their behavior, has explosive outbursts, feels sad, worried or anxious, or if they are struggling in their friendships, therapy can help them learn new ways of coping with their feelings, and develop skills for managing difficult situations. At Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center, we understand that young people often lack experience dealing with, and can become overwhelmed by, the increasingly high demands of daily life in Northern Virginia. This impacts most on their behavior, but is really a reflection of underlying feelings, and upsetting thoughts. We will work with your child to help them understand their thoughts and feelings, adjust their behavior when needed, and learn to cope with the challenges they are facing. We will also encourage them to begin to anticipate and prepare for future challenges, helping them to look forward with excitement, and not worry or concern.

When working with adolescents, we work hard to consider their changing needs, and their desire for independence and separation. We strive to maintain the right balance between their need for privacy and confidentiality, and keeping parents informed about issues of worry or concern. We maintain an open discussion with teenagers around these issues, to ensure that their best interests are met always.

Sometimes, our therapists make an informed decision that the best approach is to work directly with you, as parents, to help you develop a greater understanding of your child’s difficulties. You are so influential in your children’s lives, and the way you interact with your child, and address their behavior, can have a tremendously positive influence. Parenting is often just hard, so we also offer support to parents. Having the chance to talk through your own worries and concerns, and feel enabled to prevent difficulties, can be both enlightening and reassuring.

Working with Young Adults
At Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center we understand that the needs of young adults are unique. Transitioning between different stages of life, and facing the future with confidence and certainty can be difficult and feel overwhelming. Many young adults experience acute anxiety, or depression at this time, find it difficult to transition successfully into independence and worry that they lack the life skills to be successful. We work with young adults to help them develop coping skills, increase self assertiveness and independence, decrease social isolation and focus on developing a healthier self.
Working with Adults
You may be seeking therapy for a variety of reasons, but all of them likely include a wish to feel understood or and not alone in your current struggles, and hopeful that you can feel or function better. Reaching out for therapy can be difficult – acknowledging vulnerabilities, baring our most unhappy or anxious selves, or trusting that someone can truly understand what you are going through – and help – takes courage. We respect the bravery and uncertainty that can be present as you begin to tell your story and allow us to be a part of your journey in healing. Adults present for support or treatment of many different concerns, including anxiety, mood issues, trauma, relationship issues, work or family stressors, and struggles to feel good about themselves and confident in managing day to day life. Our therapists work with you from different therapy models that best fit your concerns, and may use a blend of techniques throughout therapy. Each strategy seeks to lead you to living in a way that is calmer, more intentional, and satisfying so that you can focus on what brings your life meaning and happiness.
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