TESTING: Children and Adolescents

Have you noticed your child’s difficulty keeping up with his peers academically or emotionally? Is she putting in great effort that does not seem to be reflected in her test taking or grades? Do you or his teachers notice that he seems to “tune out” in class and suggest that ADHD may be at play – but you are wary of jumping to that diagnosis? Is it hard to understand why your bright child is not as motivated, organized or achieving as you believe she can? Do you wonder why he struggles with making friends, expressing himself, or remembering what he has been told? You are not alone.

As a parent, most of us wish for our children to be happy emotionally and successful in school, yet we may watch our children struggling in one of these areas without fully understanding why. Psychological testing evaluations can help to clarify the underlying processes behind such challenges, so that you know the best way to support and foster your child’s unique brain development, learning, behavioral and emotional health at home and in school.

Unsure which “type” of testing is best for you or your child? We can help ~ we tailor each evaluation to the specific concerns and symptoms that you or your child presents with as we discuss the background in depth during the intake process. Together we develop the testing battery that will best fit your needs. We want you to walk away from the evaluation process knowing the intricate workings of your own or your child’s thoughts, learning, behavior and coping skills, and with a “roadmap” of strategies and resources to put in place moving forward. The outcome of testing may result in a diagnosis, if the data supports this, however a deepening of understanding of your child’s strengths and struggles, and a clearer sense of how to help them grow and succeed is often the most helpful outcome. Families routinely give us feedback that our evaluation process was invaluable in understanding their struggling child.

We test children age 6 and older.


If you are an adult with a history of attention or learning concerns who is returning to school, if you struggle to juggle work demands effectively, or believe that you just cannot focus to complete tasks or follow through on tasks, testing can help to determine if these challenges are the result of organic brain functioning or update information regarding your functioning to help you perform more effectively. If you are an adult who has been noticing ongoing patterns of relationship difficulties, or who gets overwhelmed by emotions or confused by repeated, unhelpful behavior that has not resolved with treatment, testing can help you to better understand the underlying cognitive, emotional and personality dynamics related to your current concerns. There are also neurocognitive impacts that relate to autoimmune or other medical concerns, such as Lyme’s, that testing can help you understand and accommodate, as needed. Call us to find out more about how psychological or neuropsychological testing can help you.

We test adults up to age 65.

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