Virtual Reality Therapy

Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center now offers the use of cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) technology used in therapy sessions and/or individually at home, as an innovative approach to meet your or your child’s personal growth needs and therapeutic goals!
Incorporating VR into therapy sessions enhances the therapeutic experience and facilitates deeper exploration, understanding, and processing of various psychological and emotional challenges. VR technology is evidence-based with 25+ years of scientific research supporting positive treatment results.
Incorporating VR into therapy sessions

VR Therapy works best to alleviate general anxiety, specific anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, and more, as well as build skills for attentional focus, social skills, stress management, and Mindfulness.

It is highly effective in reducing fears related to various challenges including heights, crowds, flying, tight spaces, needles, public speaking, and more!

Virtual Reality Therapy
Virtual Reality Therapy
Within the Virtual Reality environment, the clinician is able to design a specific immersive experience and adapt variables for maximum benefit for you or your child to engage in scenarios designed to address specific therapeutic goals.
Virtual Reality Therapy

During the sessions (in person or telehealth), you or your child will wear a virtual reality headset and be seated in order to eliminate risk of injury while moving. The clinician will be there to provide guidance and support throughout the experience.

VR Homework is also available to use in conjunction with VR Therapy or on its own to support therapeutic progress and mental well-being at home.

Homework has been shown to increase overall progress and can help to achieve treatment goals sooner. VR Homework uses a phone app and headset to create a virtual reality immersive experience. There are multiple VR Homework environments supporting the goals of increased relaxation, mindfulness, attentional focus, diaphragmatic breathing, muscle relaxation, stress management and emotional regulation. With unlimited access, the VR Homework is used anytime and as often as desired or as prescribed by the clinician. The completed homework is reviewed by the clinician and incorporated into your or your child’s overall progress.

Risks and Benefits of VR Therapy

  • Enhanced therapeutic engagement and immersion.
  • Increased effectiveness in addressing specific psychological issues.
  • Real-life scenario simulations for skill development.
  • Personalized and targeted therapeutic interventions.
  • More confidential than exposure work done in the presence of others.
  • In the moment changes and updates by the therapist to the virtual environment, modifying the scenarios for increased therapeutic progress.

  • Potential for discomfort or unease during VR experiences.
  • Possibility of motion sickness or dizziness.
  • Emotional reactions to immersive scenarios.
  • Technical issues with VR equipment.
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