Family Therapy & Parent Guidance

Family Therapy is a well researched and effective treatment for families experiencing many different types of difficulties, such as divorce, death of a loved one, financial strain, mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, school and work stress, relationship difficulties, body image/eating/food issues, and/or communication problems.
Family Therapy
Family therapy assesses and treats the family system as a whole, picturing the family as a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication. A family develops its own personality and type of communication. Each family member is connected to the others and any one person’s actions impact the others. Within the family, one person’s struggles may be a symptom of a larger family problem. At times, it may be best to treat the family rather than only the one member.

Family therapy includes psychoeducation, helping the family to learn how they function together as a family as well as the impact of each member’s individual functioning. The focus is on the entire family with the belief that changing aspects as the family functioning will improve individual functioning. Family therapy can be active therapy with assignments to work on in between appointments.

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Parent Guidance
Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center offers Parenting Guidance to parents of children of all ages. Parenting guidance is often recommended to help parents understand the struggles of their child and learn ways to support their child at home as well as school.
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