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Our Mission
Our Mission

As a group psychotherapy private practice providing mental health services to children, adults, couples and families, we help people face life’s challenges to reach their goals through therapy, psychological testing, psychiatric care and educational wellness seminars. Our diverse, multiracial, multicultural clinical and administrative team, with expertise across many specialties, share a mission to create a welcoming, safe, supportive, therapeutic environment in which to provide a wide array of expert services for individuals and families to grow, change and heal.

For us to achieve our desired mission, we engage clients with compassion and respect, developing therapeutic relationships that are equitable and unbiased. Respect, equality and justice for everyone is a basic right, and particular attention is made for individuals and groups regularly disenfranchised and marginalized from access to those rights.

We are committed to listening to and understanding others, and we recognize our role and responsibility to advocate for, and create a safe and supportive space for, individuals from all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

We also work to make services accessible to individuals and families by offering a limited number of reduced fee appointment slots, registering on directories to be available to those in crisis, and providing a portion of services at low or no cost. Partnering with graduate schools, we are able to offer an Externship program for graduate level students to gain experience, receive high-quality supervision, and advance their training, while also supporting our mission to make therapy and testing services affordable and accessible. Clinicians at Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center are committed to providing community outreach services in various forms such as free seminars, presentations and classes, the “Helping the Helpers” program for medical professionals and educators, and a food drive to help those in need in our local community.

Our Belief

In our increasingly complex world, there are many challenges which feel overwhelming or very difficult to manage. This can lead to upsetting thoughts and uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, sadness or frustration and anger. It can often feel as though you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving and interacting with others, and find it increasingly hard to know how to break free from these and begin to engage in a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

At Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center, we believe that psychotherapy helps you to understand your thoughts and feelings, become better at coping with difficult situations and everyday stressors, change your behavior where needed, and achieve your personal goals. It also helps increase your self-awareness, enhance your communication, and identify and overcome obstacles that are interfering with your emotional and mental health and happiness.

We believe caring for one’s mental health is an integrative, whole-body experience.

Our Belief
Therefore, in addition to offering high quality psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and psychiatric services, we believe in helping clients integrate positive lifestyle practices into their daily lives. We incorporate opportunities to learn about nutrition, exercise, meditation and mindfulness.
Our Approach

Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center provides services to children, adolescents and adults.

Our team of therapists specialize in a variety of different therapeutic models, including cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, EMDR, exposure and response prevention, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy and mindfulness-based therapy.

Our Approach

We believe in the importance of a “good fit”, and will work with you from the beginning to identify which approach, and which therapist, will best meet your needs.

The first point of contact will be a phone consultation to gather information working toward scheduling an appointment with a therapist specializing in your concerns. Please note, the initial consultation and intake visit is for informational purposes and does not establish a treatment relationship. It may take a few visits for you and the therapist to determine together if it is a good fit to establish a therapeutic relationship.

Our therapists utilize evidence based treatment for the following concerns: Anxiety or worry, Depression (including sadness and negativity), Obsessive-compulsive/habit-based behaviors, Low self esteem, Anger and aggression, Grief and loss, Trauma and abuse, Phase of life issues, Problems with friendships/relationships, Self-harm/risk-taking behaviors, Substance abuse and dependence, Sleep and eating difficulties, and more.
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